iPad Air Smart Cover / Case

Regular price RM219.00

A thin, minimal design. Light to heavy duty Brand New Design to match the rebirth of the smart cover for iPad Air. Made of durable Aluminum and is not covered in the back, to protect the screen of your iPad Air. So, just a little on the cover just only magazine. iPad, iPad can keep your feminine look and style. Smart cover made of polyurethane. Vibrantly colored Made of polyurethane smart cover. Chart and color to match the inner lining has a soft micro fiber to help you to keep always clean, so you can display. With the magnetic force. Has magnets built in the joints, and the magnetic Smart Cover to iPad Air for a perfect fit. Keyboard stand. FaceTime or watching movies in your vest a stand. Smart cover can be stand for convenient to text input. Just folds on the back side, and a good amount of tilt angle to your iPad Air in seconds. Also, FaceTime and watching movies when you are a great stand as well. Off, Then turn on. DIP, then off. Smart cover ipad air like a magic, and off when the cover wakes in the surface. Automatically open and close in the back to sleep.

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