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Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphones

Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphones

RM899.00 RM1,000.00

Beats Mixr + Lightweight And Powerful. Built For DJs.

Designed for DJ’s, Beats Mixr headphone is the loudest Beats by Dr. Dre headphone relative to its size. Beats Mixr headphones are made for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike. These on-ear headphones reproduce accurate sound and meet the needs of the world’s best DJs. Their lightweight design allows you to pull them on and off while you’re onstage without any trouble.


Designed to be heard over parties. With deep bass and high volumes, this compact headphone delivers powerful Beats sound.


Rotating earcups swivel back behind the ears so DJs can hear it all, then rotate back for total isolation. With dual input and Daisy Chain connection, it’s easy to share what you’re listening to.


Beats Mixr headphones are built to withstand the rigors of DJ life, with a tough and flexible housing. The lightweight headband was crafted for long-wearing comfort and is easily foldable so you can jet off to your next destination.

Key Features

  • Powerful sound
  • Rotating earcups to hear the sound around you
  • Share what you're hearing through dual audio ports
  • Take calls and control music with RemoteTalk cable*
    • (*Functionality may vary by device.)

What's in the box

  • Beats Mixr on-ear headphones
  • 5mm audio cable
  • ¼" audio adapter
  • RemoteTalk cable with inline mic 
(Compatible with iOS devices. 
Functionality may vary by device.)
Carrying case


Warranty: One-year limited

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