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iPhone 11 Pro 64GB 256GB 512GB

iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB 256GB 512GB

iPhone 11 64GB 128GB 256GB

iPhone 7 128GB

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB



Machines Protection Plan for your iPhone

The Machines Protection Plan for iPhone extends your coverage to two years from the date of purchase of Machines Protection Plan
and includes coverage of up to two incidents for accidental damage,
each subject to a service charge of RMXXX for screen damage or RMXXX for any other hurt.


Frequent questions

When you hire iPhone For Life, two charges will be made to your Citibanamex Credit Card:

The first for between 68% and 88% of the value of the iPhone (depending on the model) that you will pay at 24 months without interest.

The second charge is for the final payment of up to the remaining 32% (depending on the model) that will be applied to the 25th month and that may be discounted if you decide to return the phone in good condition at the end of the term. Remember that you have up to 20 days after applying the 24 monthly payment to return the iPhone and receive the bonus of this last charge.

The only requirement to contract the program is to pay with your Citibanamex credit card (it is necessary to have a credit limit available on your card).

The first charge is reflected in the section of months without interest and the corresponding payment is applied monthly.

The second is reflected as a deferred charge to be applied in the 25th month from the date of purchase.