iPad for everyone

Enjoy iPad for as low as RM89/month*. Best of all no credit card required, all you need is your NRIC.

  • No credit card needed - Affordable monthly repayment without credit card. 
  • Fast approval - on the spot approval.
  • Hassel free - only NRIC card is required, no other documents needed. 
  • Get your device - on the spot approval and pick up of device. 

4 easy steps to sign up. 

Step 1

Visit any Machines outlet

Step 2
Submit online application
with your NRIC

Step 3

Make online payment for program fee and your first month repayment.

Step 4

Collect your device on the spot.

Find out more at any Machines outlets!

iPad/Price per month
WiFi WiFi + Cellular
24 months 36 months 24 months 36 months
iPad 9th 64GB RM79 RM59 RM111 RM82
iPad 9th 256GB RM112 RM83 RM143 RM106
iPad mini 5th-Gen 64GB RM89 RM66 RM117 RM87
iPad mini 5th-Gen 256GB RM122 RM91 RM149 RM111
iPad mini 6th-Gen 64GB RM120 RM89 RM153 RM113
iPad mini 6th-Gen 256GB RM153 RM113 RM185 RM138
iPad Air 4th Gen 64GB RM136 RM100 RM164 RM122
iPad Air 4th Gen 256GB RM169 RM125 RM196 RM146
iPad Pro 11-inch (M1 Chip) 128GB RM184 RM137 RM216 RM161
iPad Pro 11-inch (M1 Chip) 256GB RM206 RM153 RM239 RM178
iPad Pro 11-inch (M1 Chip) 512GB RM251 RM187 RM284 RM211
iPad Pro 11-inch (M1 Chip) 1TB RM342 RM255 RM374 RM279
iPad Pro 11-inch (M1 Chip) 2TB RM432 RM322 RM464 RM346
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (M1 Chip) 128GB RM250 RM186 RM283 RM210
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (M1 Chip) 256GB RM273 RM203 RM306 RM227
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (M1 Chip) 512GB RM318 RM237 RM351 RM261
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (M1 Chip) 1TB RM408 RM304 RM441 RM329
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (M1 Chip) 2TB RM499 RM372 RM531 RM396


Get iPad with accessories as low as RM98

iPad/Price per month
24 months 36 months
iPad Air 4th Gen 64GB  + Pencil (2nd Gen) RM164 RM122
iPad Air 4th Gen 256GB  + Pencil (2nd Gen) RM196 RM146
iPad Air 4th Gen 64GB + Smart Keyboard RM175 RM130
iPad Air 4th Gen 256GB + Smart Keyboard RM207 RM154
iPad Air 4th Gen 64GB + Magic Keyboard RM204 RM152
iPad Air 4th Gen 256GB + Magic Keyboard RM236 RM176


iPad for everyone FAQ GENERAL

  1. What is “iPad for everyone” Program?
    “iPad for everyone” is an upgrade program which allows you to upgrade to a new iPad every 24 months or 36 months with low monthly commitment.
  2. What device is available in this program?
    The iPad for Everyone Program offers a suite of iPad devices including the latest Apple iPad. For the latest list of available iPad devices, please check with the participating outlets.
  3. Can I sign up for more than one device under this program?
    No. One(1) NRIC is eligible for one device under this program.
  4. Who is eligible to sign up for this program?
    1. Must be Malaysian with Blue NRIC only
    2. Age 18 years old & above
    3. Must pass the onboarding credit check
  5. Do I own the device, under this program?
    No. During the contract period, the device ownership title lies with Terra Optimus Pearl Sdn. Bhd. (TOP).

    Upon the full settlement of your repayments, if you choose not return the old device and you may incur an “Estimated Replacement Value” to buyout the device from CompAsia Sdn Bhd.

    Definition ERV: “Estimated Replacement Value” means the amount payable by the Customer to replace the Mobile Device which shall be equivalent to its current worth (as determined by the Owner)

  6. Do I need to provide credit/debit card or other supporting documents to be eligible to sign up to the program?
    No. All you need to bring along to the store is your NRIC and the store sale representative will assist you on the signup process.
  1. When can I upgrade to a new device?
    The upgrade windows are on the 25th month (for 24 months program) and on the 37th month (for 36 months program).
  2. Do I need to pay an upgrade fee?
    No. There is no upgrade fee upon upgrade. All you need to do is return the old device AND on top of that, we are offering you a store voucher.
  3. How do I receive the store voucher?
    You will be entitled to the store voucher during the upgrade at the retail store.
  4. Can I upgrade my device before the contract ends?
    No. The upgrade window is open once the contract has been fully fulfilled.
  5. What happens after my contract ends?
    After the contract ends, you can return the device and upgrade to a new device. Scenarios as below:
    Scenarios Customer gets in return
    Upgrade and return device A new device and store voucher
    Does not return device Not available
  6. What happens to my old device and its data when I upgrade?
    Your old device is to be returned to Apple Premium Reseller (APR) / Apple Authorized Reseller and you are advised to back up data from the old device before returning it for an upgrade to a new device. Once the old device is returned, the residual data in the device will be wiped out.
  1. What are the criteria for returning a device for an upgrade?
    Your device must meet the following conditions to qualify for an upgrade:
    Device Status Functionality
    Returned device IMEI matches with the device IMEI based on the signed Contract (customer will need to provide the service note as proof if IMEI has changed)
    1. Able to turn on and off and upon plugging in charging cable, indicator light shows charging active;
    2. Must be logged out from iCloud & any other account
  1. What should I do if the Device is faulty?
    Upon receiving the new device from the store, please sure to thoroughly check the device for defects. If there is something wrong with the device, notify the store immediately and request for a replacement. Once you have agreed to take the device, you shall be responsible for the condition of the device throughout the contract duration and continue paying the monthly fee until the end of the contract.
  2. What happens if my device got stolen?
    This program does not come with theft protection; hence you will need to continue paying until the end of the contract.
  3. What happens if my device got broken beyond repair?
    This program does not come with device protection; hence you will need to continue paying until the end of the contract.
  1. Can I terminate my contract after signing up or during the contract period?
    Early termination is allowed, after 12 months from the date of contract but you will be subjected to the following early termination penalty fee:

    Penalty Fee = (Monthly Rental x Remaining Months Balance) + Estimated Replacement Value (if applicable) + Administration Fee

  2. When will I get the device after I successfully onboarded?
    Upon successful completion of the on-boarding transaction, the Customer would be given the Device and that is acceptance by the Customer. If there is something wrong with the Device, the Customer has to take up separately with CompAsia Sdn. Bhd. (CA). Notwithstanding the condition of the Device, the Customer is to pay the monthly rental.
  3. Where can I check my contract details?
    Once successfully signed up for the Program, you will receive your contract via email. All the terms and conditions of the Program are stated in the contract.
  1. Is there any payment upon sign up?
    Yes. There is a one-time program fee and the amount is equivalent to the monthly fee of your device plus one (1) month advance payment which will cover the first-month rental invoice.
  2. Where and how can I make the first payment?
    Upon your order confirmation, you will be redirected to iPay88 payment gateway where you can select credit/debit or FPX (internet banking) to make the first payment.
  3. Where do I make my monthly fee payments?
    You will receive an e-invoice every month and by clicking on the URL link provided in the email, you will be directed to your user portal. From the user portal, you can click the invoices uploaded and you will be redirected to iPay88 payment gateway to make payment for your monthly fee.

    The transaction description for the monthly fee payment will be reflected as “iPay88” or “iPay88*Terra Optimus Pearl Sdn. Bhd.” in your bank/card monthly statement.

  4. What happens if I missed my monthly payment?
    You will have to settle the outstanding amount as soon as possible to ensure you have continuous uninterrupted service on your iPad and avoid from being blacklisted. You will be receiving payment reminders via SMS and email.
  5. Can I do online payment through online banking?
    No. Payment can only be made through the user portal.
  6. Is there any auto-debit service?
    No. Auto-debit service is not available for this program.
  1. Can the upfront amount paid during signup be refunded?
    All successful transactions are not refundable.
  2. For any refund cases, how long do I need to wait for the refund to be credited back to my account?
    The refund process will take 7 – 14 working days after receiving complete banking account of the receiving party.


For CONTRACT, PAYMENT & REFUND related queries, please do not hesitate to contact:
Terra Optimus Pearl Sdn. Bhd.
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Suite 19-1, Level 19,
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Avenue 10, The Vertical,
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